"Diamond Hit Club has allowed me to grow and develop as a player with an easily accessible facility in Euclid. Director of Diamond Hit Club Tom Aspero has helped me immensely with both my defensive and offensive skills. The year before entering the program I had a batting average of under .200. After instruction from Coach Aspero the next season I played in almost every game but this time posting a batting average just over .500. Defensively, Coach Aspero has helped me with my arm slot to get more velocity and better accuracy on my throws."

"Coach Aspero has contacts everywhere and promotes players to many different teams at different levels. He allows players to get looks and show their talents off to scouts by placing teams in well scouted and competitive tournaments."

St. Ignatius Class of 2015

St. Bonaventure Class of 2019


“I have known Coach Aspero and his organization for a number of years now. I have never questioned his commitment, passion, or loyalty to his teams and the players on them. He has been a great communicator, and is always willing to make adjustments to assure his athletes are gaining the best individual exposure possible while keeping the overall teams best interests at heart.”

Brian McGee

Head Baseball Coach


"Tiger Up"


"Coach Aspero coached me for my whole High School career. During that time he proved himself to be dedicated and committed to the betterment of his program and each individual player."

"Personally, I have greatly enjoyed having Coach Aspero as an instructor and personal coach. He teaches discipline and hard work to his athletes and it is reflected not only in their performances but in their school work and their attitudes as well."

"As a current collegiate player, I admire Coach Aspero ability to communicate with colleges and he does everything he can to promote and teach his players what is needed in order to have success at the collegiate level. Whether is be Varsity baseball or collegiate baseball, Coach Aspero approaches the situation realistically with the most passion. He truly cares for his players and puts them before himself in addition creating the best situation for them to succeed. His desire to build positive relationships with his players is unlike most coaches, and I am proud to say that I am part of his coaching staff."

Mentor High School Class of 2014

Ohio Northern University Class of 2018


"I had the pleasure of having Coach Tom Aspero throughout my entire high school career. Through that time I had the opportunity to witness how much he truly cares about the development of his players as well as his entire program. With the goal of wanting to play at the next level, spending my time with Diamond Hit Club was the best decision I could have made. Coach Aspero has many connections at the college level and knows exactly what college coaches are looking for. He gets each and every one of his player’s college looks as well as helping them throughout the recruiting process. Having the opportunity to participate in many competitive tournaments gave me the experience I needed to move on to the next level".

"Coach Aspero also provides his players the best opportunity to move on to the next level by working on the essential fundamentals of hitting, fielding, and throwing. His detailed throwing program allowed my arm to strengthen immensely over the short off-season. Putting in the extra time and effort with his players is very common in the actions of Coach Aspero. Most importantly, the entire Diamond Hit Club Staff sincerely cares about the well-being of their players. They work every day to bring out the best in every individual, striving for players to reach for success not only in baseball but in life".

Mentor High School Class of 2015

Otterbein University Class of 2019


“Diamond Hit Club is a solid program with great coaches who actually care about the players. Their Hitting System is second to none and has really changed the way that I approach hitting. Now that I’m at the college level and am seeing higher level pitching, I’m really glad that I learned what I did. If you want a travel program that will invest in you I give you both a good experience and improve you greatly as a baseball player this is your team”.

Wadsworth High School Class of 2016

Toccoa Falls College Class of 2020


"Working out with the Diamond Hit Club organization and playing for Tom Aspero was the best choice I could have made as a high school player with college aspirations. Three years with coach Aspero and his staff helped develop my fundamentals of hitting, throwing, and playing the field, prepping me for the competition I would be facing at the college level. Coach Aspero and the staff as a whole also maintained good connections with college coaches of all levels, allowing players to be seen through multiple competitive tournaments."

"More than anything else, Coach Aspero and the rest of the staff at Diamond Hit Club are concerned for the well being of each and every one of their players. They strive to bring out the best in each player, pushing each one to find success on and off the field."

North Royalton Class of 2015

Baldwin Wallace University Class of 2019


“ I had the pleasure of playing for the Diamond Hit Club my Senior year of High school. In this one year with the program, Coach Aspero showed hardworking and dedicated he is to organization and the players. He was always the first guy their working and getting ready for each practice and wanted to help players. The entire coaching staff is a class act and does the right thing when teaching the game.”

“I personally enjoyed my one year with Coach Aspero and his coaching staff. They helped me prepare for college. Although, I was already committed to a college team when I joined the Diamond Hit Club, Coach Aspero helped improve my game by showing me better ways to do things. I really learned a lot in this one year and it has helped me in college.”

“Coach Aspero truly cares for his players and has their backs no matter the situation. I learned very quickly that Coach Aspero would do anything for his players to become better players and men. I really got to know Coach Aspero as a coach and as a person. His passion for his players is unlike any other coach I have seen. He wants his players to succeed and become the best person they can be.”

Wadsworth High School Class of 2016

Heidelberg University Class of 2020


“Working with the Hit Club staff was a pleasure. Everyone is cooperative and is willing to help players improve their skills. The training is college based and is almost identical to what I do at the collegiate level. Coach Aspero helped me tremendously with the recruiting process, I was unsigned going into my senior year with no looks from any schools. I gained attention from 4 schools in 2 months working with Coach Aspero.

“All I did was follow what the staff instructed me to do and work hard, and my game improved a lot. The staff knows what they are doing. Not only did I notice improvement in myself but every single individual on the team”.

Clearview High School Class of 2017

Cuyahoga Community College Class of 2019


"Diamond Hit Club in short has made me the player I am today. When I had first joined the Club I entered into a strength and velocity program ran by Tom Aspero and Jeff Makowski. This program gave me the tools and the knowledge to grow as a player. By the end of the 3-4 month program, I had gone from throwing 78mph to 88mph from the outfield. This programn was very pivitol for me and I highly recommend using these coach’s knowledge in velocity, to your advantage".

"The coaches at Diamond Hit Club are another reason why I was able to make my way into college baseball and make it on the field in my first year. These coaches not only helped me make everything I did in the off season the best it could be, they pushed me to be a better player every day. Without them, I would have not been seen or even heard of by any college coaches. With the coaches and great teammates by my side, we together made my goal of playing college baseball a reality".

Padua High School Class of 2017

Heidelberg University 2021


“When I first joined Diamond Hit Club I knew right away the program I was getting myself into. Coach Aspero and other coaches in the program strive to help make each and every person a better baseball player on and off the field. They were willing to give everything they had in order to help their players succeed. The training itself put me in the best shape and attitude to play which helped me not only to progress in my high school career, but make it to the next level. The many skills I had learned in the program have helped me throughout my college career so far and continue to be part of my routine. I had enjoyed every year that I played with the team because of the positive attitude our coaches brought to every game".

“Coach Aspero has a true passion for baseball and wants nothing but the best for all his players. The experience and connections he has with the game are one of a kind and it was a pleasure to be able to experience that over my few years in the program. He has built a competitive and strong program and I encourage athletes to experience this for themselves”.

Lake Catholic Class of 2016

Chatham University Class of 2020


"Diamond Hit Club gave me a great place to grow and develop as an athlete and person. As a team we played in the most competitive tournaments around and faced the best competition. We were put in positions to succeed and improve as a whole. Coach Tom Aspero helped me immensely with my recruitment process and helped me get noticed by many college coaches. The Diamond Hit Club staff are very experienced in the sport and can help any player make the right steps towards the next level. Its nice to have a coach like Aspero who actually care and give their full effort to help their players".

Avon High School Class of 2015

Howard College (Tx) Class of 2019


“I played for Coach Aspero for the entire duration of my summer baseball career. Those five years were some of the fondest memories I have of playing baseball. He is truly dedicated to bettering each and every individual in his organization. He puts in 150% of his effort day in and day out to help you reach your aspirations and will put your name out there to as many scouts and college coaches that he can. Playing for Diamond Hit Club opened the door for my college career at Ohio Northern University. Not only did Coach Aspero aid me in becoming a better ball player, he also aided me in growing as a young man”.

“He has grown his network of contacts to ensure that you will receive exposure at both tournaments and showcases. It will be difficult for you to find somebody as committed as he is. It is also not common to find a coach that you can build a relationship with. The offseason training program is detailed and tailored to each player. My arm strength improved as well as my bat speed. Overall, I would highly recommend Diamond Hit Club to any player looking to play competitive baseball with a professional organization”.

Twinsburg High School Class of 2014

Ohio Northern University Class of 2018


“Playing for Diamond Hit Club helped me get myself to where I wanted to be as a baseball player as I finished high school and entered college. Playing for Tom Aspero and the DHC organization prepared me extremely well for the atmosphere of college baseball. The staff at DHC will give every player that comes through the organization the opportunity to be the best baseball player they can be. They will be able to figure out what each player needs to achieve in order to make it to the next level. Playing for the DHC organization was one of the best summer baseball experiences of my life, and it will be hard to find the same level of summer baseball in the Northeast Ohio area without joining this organization”.

Wadsworth High School Class of 2015

Wheeling Jesuit Class of 2019


“I played for Diamond Hit Club 18u team the summer after my junior year of high school. It was a very good experience team filled with a bunch of really talented players that were committed to play at the next level. The practice facility really helped us prepare ourselves in the winter. Overall it was a great baseball experience to prepare myself for college baseball. I had a lot of fun”.

Jackson High School Class of 2016

Wheeling Jesuit Class of 2020