Hit Club Program

Diamond Hit Club was founded in 2012 by Coach Tom Aspero, a current part time scout for the New York Mets. Coach Aspero started the Diamond Hit Club program to give the greater Cleveland area a legitimate baseball program that does things the right way and prepares students for collegiate and professional baseball. Diamond Hit Club is built upon the principals of Responsibility, Accountability, and Character. Through these principals, our student athletes will become better players and most importantly better people! We believe that focusing on these core principles will result in our success not only on the field but in life. Our program creates an educational and competitive environment for the players to help ensure that they reach their highest potential.

There are many other advantages about the  Hit Club program starting from our small group (position specific) skills training, high success rate of college placement/recruiting plan, competitive summer schedule including top scouted tournaments/Diamond League play, and our relationship with National Scout team Bergen Beach! Unlike most organizations where you see teams being run on an individual basis, Diamond Hit Club has a detailed program followed by the whole staff like you would see in professional baseball. Each staff member has played/coaches at the high school, college, or professional level. We place kids into collegiate programs that fit their academic and athletic ability. Coach Aspero's experience in professional scouting opens up opportunities for those athletes that do have the ability to play professionally. Diamond Hit Club prides itself on doing things the right way and being honest to all our players and families on their athletes ability. That is why we have had such great success in developing our players into college prospects!



Please visit the other sections on the About Tab for detailed information on our off season training program. You can access our detailed recruiting process on its own tab. Also do not forget to click on the Bergen Beach tab for detailed information about our special relationship with the National Scout team!