College Recruiting and Placement

Our program is so proud to say that the majority of our players go on to play college baseball and we have developed a positive reputation in the collegiate ranks over the years.

There are many factors that go into making it to the next level and we do our best to prepare all our student athletes in that process. We do not guarantee scholarships or placement but we do guarantee that we will teach the fundamentals necessary to put each player in a situation to reach their full potential as a player, giving them the best opportunity to reach their goal. We also will work very closely with each player to determine their ability at the next level, their academic goals, and how to market themselves. Our staff will also contact colleges for all our players based on their ability level and promote them as much as possible! We are proud to say that Diamond Hit Club currently has a 90% college placement rate in only our first five senior classes placing over 50 students!

Players will also receive opportunities to participate in scouting events throughout the year that Diamond Hit Club, Prep Baseball Report (PBR), Perfect Game, Bergen Beach National Scout Team, Agona Baseball Camps, or the Diamond League hosts.

The Recruiting Process

Evaluation on Ability Level

It is important for every player to understand their abilities and where they fit best when it comes to applying to colleges. There are certain measurables that DI, DII, DII, JUCO, and NAIA look for. It is important that every player understand what those measurables are in order for them to target the right schools that will fit their ability. It is also very important to understand the academic requirements of each college and if your grades/test scores meet those requirements.

Marketing Your Self

It is important to start as early as possible when it comes to marketing your self as a player. As a general rule, this process starts your sophomore year of high school. It is important that every player focus on these three areas to make their self more marketable. The Hit Club Staff will discuss these areas with each player and help them find the right program for them.

1. Physical/Athletic Tools - It is important to improve your physical strength and agility to make your self more marketable. Colleges are looking for players who are physically strong. It is important for every player to get in the weight room and work on their physical body frame. Players should find a legitimate weight lifting program where they will become stronger but avoid injury by doing the exercises the correct way. It is also very important that each player improve their overall athletic ability, which will help to lower their 60 time. A player is more marketable when their 60 time is under a 7.0 then over it! Players should find a legitimate speed and strength program to increase their athletic ability and running speed.

2. Arm Strength - Colleges look for arm strength when evaluating players. A player throwing 85 MPH is more attractive then someone throwing in the low 70's. A good way to improve arm strength is doing long toss. Players can also find a good throwing program to increase their arm strength.

3. Bat Speed - In order to play college baseball every player must have some type of bat speed. A general rule for bat speed to play even at the lowest college level, is a bat speed in the mid 80's. Players can increase bat speed by taking part in the strength program. It is also important to work on hand strengthening drills to increase bat speed.

4. Grades - Colleges want players who have good grades! It is more likely for a college to take a chance on a player with better grades V.S the player who has poor grades. This is the most important area for players! Players should work on increasing their G.P.A and test scores on the ACT/SAT. It is also very important to be involved in extra curricular activities to show that you are a well rounded student athlete.

The Marketing Process

Now it is time for the player to market themselves to their colleges of choice!

1. Showcases - Player should find the right showcases to get in front of their schools. The Hit Club staff will assist players on what events to sign up for. Hit Club players will have the opportunity to sign up for the Diamond Hit Club Scout Day hosted by PBR, Diamond League events, Agona Baseball Camps, and Bergen Beach events.

2. Videos - Players should create a skills video to send to colleges. Most of the time Hit Club players will get these videos through the right scouting events. If needed the Hit Club staff will assist players in creating their scouting video.

3. Competitive Schedule - It is important to play the most competitive schedule possible in order to get better and be seen by college coaches. All Hit Club teams play the best schedule possible. The Hit Club staff will also reach out to colleges about their players and provide a detailed scouting report on every player. MAKE IT PERSONAL! Player should also reach out to the coaching staff of each college to show their interest. It is important to show the staff that you have done your research about their school and you have a true interest in them.

4. Visitations - Players should set up visits to as many schools as possible that they feel is a good academic fit as this is the number one priority. It is important that you visit the schools and make sure that you like the academic/campus environment, since you will be spending the next four years there! Once a player has picked their top five schools based on baseball and academic ability, they should follow the guidelines on how to apply to each individual school.

Key Points

- Take Ownership it is your career! Ultimately it comes down to the player not one coach or parent. The Hit Club staff does everything in their power to promote our players but the player is the one who ultimately dictates their ability and how far their baseball career lasts!